Sunday, April 25, 2010


This is how my two main bookshelves look like at the moment. Note that nearly all of the books are on Mt TBR.

This first one is practically overflowing. I've started a second row on all shelves (bottom shelf is busy holding my binders). Shelf number three from the top holds all the BookCrossing books I haven't read yet (yikes!). A handful more are scattered across my flat. Number four contains paperbacks I've bought within the past three years.

This one contains mostly everything that isn't regular novels. Top shelf is books connected to TV/film + my latest Nancy Drew acquirements, second shelf is Tarot/astrology/lifetstyle/humour and third shelf is travel books, Christmas books and music sheets. The bottom two shelves that aren't in the photo contain DVDs and VHSs.

Then there's the books in my bedroom, under my desk, in the kitchen, at Mum's, at Dad's... Whew.
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