Review Policy

Updated September 2011.


All of my reviews are simply my personal thoughts on the book in question. I have no background in literary critiqueing, so if you are looking for an in-depth analysis of a book, you will not find it here. I still call them reviews, but they are voicing my personal opinions and are thus very subjective. If I like a book, I will say so, and if I don't like a book, I will say so too. However in both cases I will try to explain why I feel a particular way.

Rating system
My rating system goes from 1-6 like the sides of a die. I chose this system because I felt I needed a somewhat wider range of "stars" than the most commonly used 1-5 star system can offer. I rate books on a personal scale based on how much I liked them, not how good they are from a literary point of view. A novel can have won several awards and be considered a masterpiece, but if it didn't appeal to me I will still rate it lower than the chick lit book that made me laugh.

All the books I review are bought or borrowed by me or given to me as a gift unless otherwise noted. I do not accept nor receive any monetary compensation for reviewing books. If I have received a book for review from a publisher or author, this will be noted within the review.

I like to think I'm a pretty eclectic reader, but these are the genres I read most frequently:
Contemporary/literary fiction, mystery/thriller, fantasy, historical fiction, women's fiction and young adult.

Genres I usually don't read:
Biographies/memoirs, horror, religious fiction, romance/erotica.

If you would like me to review your book or otherwise need to contact me, you can do so at [hildesr AT gmail DOT com]. Please note that I live in Norway, so any review book will have to be sent here.

I accept printed books as well as e-books in Kindle format.
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