Monday, August 8, 2011

My Month in Books - July

I have been a terrible blogger lately - I'm sorry! July was all about work; I found myself with three big projects at the same time and as a result I have hardly had time for anything besides working, let alone reading and blogging. Heck, it took me 3 weeks just to get through Harry Potter 4 - and it was a re-read! But after tomorrow all those projects will be handed in, and then I will hopefully have a lot more spare time on my hands. And then I'll get back to taking care of this blog, I promise!

Read in July

27) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
Aaand that's it. I did read most of one other book, but I didn't finish it until 1st August, so it will have to go into next month's summary.

I did post one review in July:

A Scottish Ferry Tale by Nancy Volkers. Such a delightful read!

Incoming Books

Well, if my read books / incoming books ratio was bad before, July certainly didn't make it any better!

For review
Wyatt by Garry Disher (Soho Press, Soho Crime/NetGalley)
The Magician King by Lev Grossman (Penguin Group, Viking/NetGalley)

Break Out by Nina Croft (Thank you, LunaMoth!)

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens (Thank you Kristen @ We Be Reading!)

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Scotland by Starlight by Nancy Volkers (e-book)
Under the Black Ensign by L. Ron Hubbard (free e-book)
The Ultimate Book of New York Lists by Bert R. Sugar & C.N. Richardson (free e-book)
Stardust by Neil Gaiman (I've read this before, but I wanted a specific edition to match the other Gaiman books I have)
The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Challenge Progress

First in a Series Challenge – 6/6 – Completed!
1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling
2. Burglars Can't Be Choosers by Lawrence Block
3. Heat Wave by Richard Castle
4. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
5. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory
6. Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer

2nds Challenge – 2/3 
1. Outside In by Maria V. Snyder
2. Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz

Mystery & Suspense Challenge – 6/12
1. Burglars Can't Be Choosers by Lawrence Block
2. Heat Wave by Richard Castle
3. The Survivor by Sean Slater
4. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
5. Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz
6. The Doomsday Key by James Rollins

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StephTheBookworm said...

I loved A Scottish Ferry Tale!

Hilde said...

It was such a delightful read! Have you read the sequel, Scotland by Starlight?

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