Friday, November 18, 2011

Scorsese To Direct "The Snowman"

Photo: Rune Kjær Valgberg/NRK

Jo Nesbø's seventh book about the anti-hero police detective Harry Hole, The Snowman, will become a film directed by the famous Martin Scorsese, reports NRK. Nesbø has been approached about turning the popular detective series into films several times, but has always declined – until now. "I didn't want to," he says, "but I always said that if Martin Scorsese called, I'd reconsider."

Scorsese is Nesbø's favourite director, and Nesbø couldn't quite believe the news when he heard Scorsese had signed the contract. "I called my agent and asked him to double-check," says Nesbø. "It's crazy but as a writer you develop delusions of grandeur, so in a way it's only logical that Scorsese will direct. He'll have great material to work with," Nesbø laughs.

The rights have been acquired by Working Title. Who will play the main character is yet to be decided.

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