Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday Rewind - Bookish Pet Peeves

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature / weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we make a top ten list from a given topic.

This week we can go back and do (or re-do) an old topic. See the full list here. I chose a recent topic I though was very interesting, but didn't have the time to do that week.

This week's topic is

Bookish Pet Peeves

1. Stickers on books
From small price tags to big ugly "2 for 1 offer" stickers; I don't like them. If they are new and possible to peel off I can live with it, but too often they leave glue residue or don't come off at all. Stop ruining my covers!

2. Over-use of the same word or phrase
I once read a book where one of the characters was scowling so much I was afraid it would be a permanent expression on his face. In another book the detective was constantly "gloving up with latex". When the same thing is repeated too many times you start to notice and it disturbs the reading flow.

3. Characters who suddenly change names
I guess this is an editing mistake, but it always amazes me when a character suddenly is referred to by a different name. You would think the author knows the characters well enough to at least remember their names.

4. Book snobs
People who look down on you for reading genre books or think you must be less intelligent if you don't read the books they consider literature. While I can certainly appreciate classics or highly acclaimed literary fiction, I also like reading fantasy and fluffy chick lit. Don't judge me on the book I'm reading.

5. Gender labelling of fiction
I don't understand why some novels should be labelled as being for boys or girls, or men or women. Granted, some books are geared more towards men or women, but that doesn't mean the other gender won't enjoy it just as much.

6. Different e-book formats
I understand the reasoning behind this, but I can't help thinking one format that works on all e-readers would be beneficial for everyone in the end.

7. Blurbs that give away too much
Especially blurbs on books in a series that give away what happened in a previous book. Gee thanks, now I don't have to read it.

8. Dog earing
Use a bookmark, or a scrap of paper, or write down the page number, or anything really; just please don't dog-ear a book that isn't yours.

9. Too much detail
Detailed descriptions can be great, but when you spend three pages descibing how the main character takes her tea, you lose me.

10. Bad editing
There really is no excuse for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, factual errors or continuation errors in published books.


Anonymous said...

I think you just wrote the perfect list of pet peeves - I mean, apart from the dog earing part. I totally dog ear my books.

I agree with you on genre labelling/looking down upon and gender labelling. I actually tend to shy away from books that seem marketed to women...something about the idea is offensive to me, but this means that sometimes, for years, I miss books that I'd otherwise enjoy simply because they have a cover that screams "this was written by a woman, for a woman." Why isn't fiction by women marketed more like fiction by men - like it's for everyone? And I think you're right on about genre fiction; I'd be missing a lot if I only read "literary fiction."

-- Ellen

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm visiting via the TTT linkup. Book Snobs are definitely one of my bookish pet peeves! I love YA and fantasy fiction, but a lot of it isn't considered highbrow enough by my former university classmates.

Trish said...

This was one of my favorite topics from a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, the stickers drive me nuts too. I don't even like price stickers - it's all gotta come off!

Jenica704 said...

Awesome top ten! I hate it when people dog ear library books or books I loan them from my own collection. I also agree with you about editing and gender labeling books.

I did Top Ten Favorite Words this week.

Grace @ feedingmybookaddiction.blogspot.com

Tribute Books Mama said...

I agree with your top ten, especially dog eared books.

Come by and see mine and my giveaways.

Amber Griffiths said...

Brilliant list; I agree with all of them. I especially hate bad editing. I've seen this a couple of times in books that are actually very popular, and I find it a huge let down. It makes the book seem more like fan fiction than an actual published novel! (I'm not bashing fan fiction, but you know what I mean.)

Books of Amber

Tevya said...

Great list! I'm right there with you on many of those!

Reading Lark's Top 10 Tuesday

gabrielreads said...

This is a great list. I thought I was the only one who hated stickers on books. All of my friends look at me funny whenever I get annoyed and start peeling them off.

Also, overuse of the same word/phrase is why I've tended to stay away from Anne Rice. I read one of her Vampire Chronicles novels and I wanted to buy her a thesaurus. Seriously, how many times can you say "preternatural" in one paragraph?

immortalelf said...

I think you pretty much nailed it on top ten book pet peeves. I hate when there are dog-eared pages. It's like - really? you couldn't have used a bookmark, or at least a piece of scrap paper?

I also hate bad editing - it leaves a bad taste in your mouth almost, about the book and I fail to then enjoy the rest of the book.

Too much detail is also a biggie. Over-detailing something in a book is like any Family Guy episode in the sense that the book/author takes that one thing beyond its necessary detailing/explaining.

The one thing that I would have included in this top ten list would be cracked spines. I know it shows that a book is well loved and read quite a bit, but it's just so unattractive.

I did Top Ten Book that make you cry this week.

Sharon said...

You hit on a couple of mine (dog earing & stickers,) and I have to agree with the rest, esp book snobs! Great list.
Mine is here:

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