Friday, August 20, 2010

Think About It Thursday (2)

Think About It Thursday is a new meme hosted by Rachel at 1001 Books. Each week she'll ask a question related to books and reading.

This week's question is:

What is your earliest memory of books or reading? Was it a positive or negative experience?

I learnt to read when I was four, and my earliest reading experience is something I don't actually remember myself, but Mum have told me about it later. I used to sit on my Dad's lap when he was reading the newspaper, and I kept asking him what different letters were (I probably drove him crazy). Then one day I'd been sitting very quiet for a while, trying to put the letters togeter, and then suddenly I asked what a particular word of a headline meant. Imagine my parents' surprise! I wish I could remember that feeling of cracking the letter code, because I'm sure it must have felt wonderful. I can still see myself sitting on Dad's lap, completely hidden behind the paper.

After that we joined a Donald Duck bookclub where we got illustrated books with stories of Donald and his friends (I've always loved Donald Duck), and these were the first books I read. I inherited some old children's books from an aunt which I read over and over again. Then I started school and discovered the library, and my life was complete. :)

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