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Thoughts on Her Majesty's Will

Her Majesty's Will
By David Blixt

First published: 23 April 2012 by Sordelet Ink

Read: 18 May – 9 June 2012
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Before he was famous, he was a fugitive. 
Before he wrote of humanity, he lived it. Before he was the Bard of Avon, he was a spy.

A very poor spy.

England, 1586. Swept up in the skirts of a mysterious stranger, Will Shakespeare becomes entangled in a deadly and hilarious misadventure as he accidentally uncovers the Babington Plot, an attempt to murder Queen Elizabeth herself. Aided by the mercurial wit of Kit Marlowe, Will enters London for the first time, chased by rebels, spies, his own government, his past, and a bear. 

Through it all he demonstrates his loyalty and genius, proving himself to be - HER MAJESTY'S WILL. (Goodreads)

My thoughts

This book got off to a slow start for me. I have to admit that I was close to putting it aside thinking it wasn't for me, but as it was a review book I decided to give it a few more pages. I'm very happy I persevered, because once the story got going, it hit the ground running.

I think the main reason I had trouble getting into it at first, was the old-fashioned language. English isn't my first language and it took me a while to get used to the style. When I got past the initial barrier it didn't bother me anymore. Reading it on my Kindle where I quickly could look up words I didn't know, also made it easier. The writing is littered with puns and alliteration and Shekespearian references, which made it all the more interesting. Like this:

"Near is as good as," scowled Sir Oliver. "If a man be in the cowpie or near the cowpie, he smells it all the same, I daresay! Don't you daresay? Who dares not to say?"

"...the burly bristling brute bent his brain to the paper."

Ultimately this book was good old-fashioned fun. Kit is a marvellous character and my favourite; easy-going, witty, a scoundrel and a con artist. Will is more cautious by nature, but quickly finds himself drawn to Kit and his schemes. Their relationship develops into a great friendship as they take it upon themselves to uncover the conspiracy to murder the queen.

Bottom line: A delightful romp featuring well-known characters that will leave you turning pages long into the night.
My rating:

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