Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We have had a massive snowfall here Monday and yesterday morning, and I thought I would share some pictures with you of the view from my kitchen window this afternoon (apologies for the bad quality, I have taken them with my mobile).

Yes, that is snow hanging from the roof outside my window. It must be half a metre thick in some places (almost 20 inches) and the lower layer is frozen, so it doesn't easily slide off the roof. There was even more outside my living room window, but it broke off just as I was going to take a picture.

Close-up: of the snow:

I am actually a bit worried about the roof, because the snow is wet and very heavy. If it is still there tomorrow I will take a picture from the outside so you can see. The forecast says wet snow all week and well into next week, but I hope they are wrong. Yesterday I spent an hour and a half digging my poor car out. I know I wished for snow for Christmas, but I think the weather gods are mocking me now...

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