Friday, January 21, 2011

Kindle Cover

I love my Kindle, and I wanted to show you the cover I recently got for it (BTW, the poor thing still doesn't have a name - any suggestions?).

I originally wanted the leather cover in apple green, which looks like a proper book cover, but the price made me re-think that decision. I then looked at the Belkin Grip sleeve, but when I was ready to order I was told there would be a 3-month wait, and I didn't have the patience for that. I finally came across this pretty little thing:

It is a neoprene sleeve from E-volve, and I am in love with it. Aside from the cute design it does a great job of protecting my Kindle. I have a 2nd generation Kindle, and it fits perfectly inside the sleeve so I don't have to worry about it falling out. It is also completely covered on all sides, so no need to worry about scratches either. AND (I love this bit), it is reversible:


How cool is that? If I get tired of purple I just switch to black and I still have that pretty flowery design to look at. My only concern is whether the seams will hold, but so far so good. 

What kind of cover du you have for your e-reader?

1 comment:

lisa :) said...

Very pretty and I love that it's reversible!

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